Treadmill MAX

Professional Treadmill Stability Belt

$149.99 $199.99

The Treadmill MaxTM  Treadmill Stability Belt for  Professional Use

The Treadmill MaxTM Treadmill Stability Belt for Professional Use helps your clients increase their speed and incline angle for maximum performance and safety. Treadmill MaxTM is perfect for knee replacement rehab. It activates quads, hamstrings and glutes and lessens pressure on the knees!

Treadmill MaxTM is Great for Cardiologists performing Stress Tests.

This Treadmill Max Professional model is appropriate for use by fitness professionals and trainers with their clients, chiropractors and physical therapists with their clients, and in other health and fitness professional settings where improved stability and performance are desirable.

What's the difference between the Professional Use model and the Personal Use model? The Professional Use model has a handle at the back of the gait strap for professionals to use to assist their clients during sessions and quick release straps in case of emergency. The handle allows the health professional to support the client as needed during their workout or therapy. 

What Comes in the Box:

  1. Treadmill MaxTM  Professional Stability Belt
  2. Quick Release Straps in case of an Emergency
  3. Gait Strap with Handle for Professional
  4. Treadmill MaxTM T-Shirt

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