Senior man working out on a treadmill while using Treadmill Max treadmill stability belt

Walking for Weight Loss

Incline walking on a treadmill increases the workload, raising heart rate without having to risk aggravation of injury by running. Walking on an i...

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Woman standing upright on treadmill ready to start workout demonstrating proper posture while using Treadmill Max treadmill stability belt

Your Posture and Exercise

All of us over a certain age remember those phys ed videos where kids balanced books on their heads to practice their posture. Sure that looks sil...

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Man running on treadmill at full speed and on steep incline using Treadmill Max treadmill stability belt

Benefits of Incline Training

There are many ways to add incline training to your workouts. Whether you get fit indoors or outside, you can find a hill to climb. If you have a ...

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"There's nothing available that compares for improving general health, fitness, and endurance. Treadmill MAX makes a truly great workout possible for all users."

– Dr. Jeffrey Sheppard, Chiropractor | St. John, NB, Canada