How to Prevent Treadmill Injuries

Here are our top tips to prevent treadmill injuries.

  1. Understand how your treadmill works. You need to read the manual. Watch the setup and demonstration videos. Communicate with your healthcare provider or fitness professional. Start slow until you are familiar with your treadmill and its functions.
  2. Use the safety features, including the safety clip that pulls out the safety key if you fall, stopping the treadmill. Know and follow all the manufacturer's safety recommendations and procedures. If you have questions, ask your fitness or healthcare professional. 
  3. Wear proper shoes designed for walking or running and workout clothes. You need proper footwear for correct contact with the treadmill and proper foot and body position. You also should wear workout clothes that allow you to move freely and fit properly. Don't wear clothes that are oversized or pants that are too long. You don't want them catching on the treadmill.
  4. Warm up. Warming up your muscles gets the blood flowing and stretches them out. It's necessary prep for your body before you exercise.
  5. Straddle the treadmill, start it on a low setting, then step on. Don't start the treadmill while standing on the belt as the sudden movement can cause you to lose your balance. 
  6. Know and respect your capabilities. Working within your limits and push them a little when you feel comfortable doing so. Slow, steady, gradual progress in small increments of time, intensity, and/or incline is key! Just keep at it. 
  7. Keep proper posture. We've got another article on this and why it's so important here.
  8. Avoid overuse by varying your workout. Don't always go the same speed or incline. Change it up so your muscles aren't always moving the same way. 
  9. Cool down. Help your muscles come down from the exertion of intense exercise by cooling down with a slower walking pace for a few minutes before you stop. 
  10. Buy & Use Treadmill Max! It improves your stability and confidence so you can maintain proper body posture, work out longer, and vary your workout speed and incline.

Treadmill Max can be an important part of your plan to prevent an injury. You can focus on maximizing your workout knowing Treadmill Max is keeping you more stable and helping you maintain proper posture that keeps your body in the right alignment. Order Treadmill Max today!

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– Dr. Jeffrey Sheppard, Chiropractor | St. John, NB, Canada