How to Safely Use Your Treadmill

Treadmills can provide amazing fitness and wellbeing benefits. No one wants to get hurt while exercising. There are things you can do to more safely use your treadmill.

  1. Register your treadmill. Registering allows the manufacturer to communicate with you in case a recall, safety upgrade, or repair is necessary.
  2. Don't skip the education. The user's manual, demo videos, and other education materials from your treadmill's manufacturer were written to help you understand how the treadmill works and how to use it safely. Read and watch everything thoroughly and follow it every time you exercise.
  3. Always use the safety features. Safety features are designed to keep you from getting hurt. Use them. This includes the safety clip that pulls out the safety key if you fall so the treadmill stops. You must know and follow all the manufacturer's safety recommendations and procedures. If you have questions, ask your fitness or healthcare professional or call the manufacturer hotline.
  4. Start and stop the treadmill correctly. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. Straddle the treadmill, start it on a low setting, then step on. Don't start the treadmill while standing on the belt as the sudden movement can cause you to lose your balance. Allow the treadmill to come to a complete stop before you step off.
  5. Don't use the treadmill for anything other than what it is designed to do. Your treadmill is for walking and running. Don't use it for anything else. 
  6. Follow the Consumer Product Safety Commission's recalls. The CPSC tracks issues with consumer products and issues recalls when needed. You can sign up for the CPSC's recall mailing list on their website. Information about treadmill recalls is also available on their site. If you experience an issue with your treadmill, report it.

Manufacturers can build in all the safety measures possible and if you don't use them, they don't help you. Use your treadmill correctly every time and you are well on your way to a safe, fulfilling workout!

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